About Us

Since 2022, ozone specialities trade for specialities chemicals includes range as per customers demands, Acids l Chromatography l Bases l Bio chemicals l Heterocyclic l Salts and Inorganics l Buffers and Standards l Organic Compounds l Organometallics l has been recognised as one of the most important makers of a variety in India.

  • Company's Mission and Values:

    At ozone specialities, we're on a mission to transform our service to speciality chemical industry. Our core values revolve around sustainability, innovation, and excellence. We're passionate about creating vibrant, eco-friendly solutions that empower businesses while minimizing their environmental impact.

  • Company History and Expertise:

    With years of industry experience, ozone specialities has a proven track record of innovation and reliability. Founded in 2022, we've become synonymous with high-quality specialities chemistry solutions. Our seasoned experts bring in-depth knowledge to every project, ensuring top-notch products and expertise for our clients.